Validation of a scale to measure the perception of sars-cov-2 vaccines acceptance: the vac-covid-19 scale

Christian R. Mejia*, J. Franco Rodriguez-Alarcon, Dayana Ticona, Kevin Flores-Lovon, Marco Paredes-Obando, Maryory S. Avalos-Reyes, Laura Ccasa-Valero, Macarena Carbajal, Renzo Felipe Carranza Esteban, Oscar Mamani-Benito, Oriana Rivera-Lozada, Marcos Roberto Tovani-Palone*

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Introduction: Since the announcement of the start of SARS-CoV-2 vaccines development, many myths and vaccine opponents have come to the fore. Therefore, in this scenario, it is imperative to have an instrument to assess the population perception of this subject matter. Objective: To validate a scale to measure the perception of SARS-CoV-2 vaccines acceptance. Methods: This is an instrumental and multicentre study, through which a list of possible reasons for whether or not people would be vaccinated was generated. After submitting them to 15 experts, a pilot survey was conducted virtually in a population of almost 3000 participants in the 24 regions of Peru. Descriptive statistics and the exploratory factor analysis (EFA) were conducted using the FACTOR program. Results: The Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin (KMO) coefficient (KMO = 0.917) and the Bartlett’s test of sphericity (3343.3; gl = 136; p < 0.001) were conducted. According to EFA results, two factors were found to explain 58.17% of the total variance. The fit indices show that the proposed model is adequate (χ2 = 826.321; df = 43; p = 0.001; RMR = 0.054; GFI = 0.952; AGFI = 0.927; CFI = 0.946; TLI = 0.931; and RMSEA = 0.078). Finally, Cronbach’s α was found to be very satisfactory for the generated scale (α = 0.831; 95% CI = 0.82 – 0.84). Conclusion: A simple and efficient scale was validated to assess positive and negative perceptions of SARS-CoV-2 vaccines (the VAC-COVID-19 scale), with a Cronbach’s coefficient of 0.831.

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PublicaciónElectronic Journal of General Medicine
EstadoPublicada - oct. 2021


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