The Impact of Andean Biodiversity on a Healthy Diet and Assessment of the Anti-Inflammatory Potential of the Peruvian Cuisine

Fausto H. Cisneros, Martin J. Talavera, Luis Cisneros-Zevallos

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In Peru, there have been efforts in the past few years to revalorize Andean biodiversity, mainly through gastronomic activities that led to a silent revolution in different fronts of society: an increase in native crop production and diversity, impact on the rural economy, and an increase in social self-esteem and identity. This gastronomic “first revolution” based on sensory attributes include a range of Andean crops like purple corn, mashua, oca, olluco, sacha-inchi, purple sweet potatoes, lucuma, chirimoya, native potatoes, yacon, aromatic herbs, quinoa, and kiwicha, among others, in addition to seafood and native animals of the region. Interestingly, many of these crops are rich sources of bioactive compounds and medicinal properties that could prevent and reverse inflammatory events that cause chronic diseases. In this chapter, we present a method to determine the anti-inflammatory potential of a diet based on ingredient contributions of bioactive and chemical components, including groups like antioxidants, omega-3, fiber, omega-6, saturated fatty acids, and carbohydrates. Accordingly, we propose a vision where Andean biodiversity can be the source of a healthy diet to overcome inflammation-based chronic diseases. This vision of a “second revolution” of a healthy Peruvian cuisine will further enhance and protect Andean biodiversity and open new markets creating more economic opportunities.

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EditorialCRC Press
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EstadoPublicada - 1 ene. 2022
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NombreNative Crops in Latin America


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