Procesos de Enseñanza-Aprendizaje Virtual durante la COVID-19: Una revisión bibliométrica

Translated title of the contribution: Virtual Teaching-Learning Processes during COVID-19: A bibliometric review

Espina-Romero, C. Lorena

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Virtual teaching-learning is a process that runs in the virtual spaces of the internet as an educational modality and is governed by Information and Communication Technologies. The objective of this review is to analyze the scientific activity of research works related to teaching-learning processes in the virtual modality during COVID-19. For the methodological design, a bibliometric analysis was carried out on the articles indexed in Scopus during COVID-19 (2020-2021) selecting 477 publications. As for the results, the most used keyword is Covid-19 (n = 292), the year 2021 is the one with the highest production in scientific publications with 306 documents, the United States is the country with the highest scientific production (n = 204) and the one with the highest intermediation between countries (n = 152), Medicine is the thematic area with the highest registration (n = 282), the Article was the type of publication with the highest use with 59,12%. In conclusion, even though COVID-19 surprised us with a virtual education that was not 100%, this modality has been improving rapidly throughout the pandemic for the benefit of the student-teacher.

Translated title of the contributionVirtual Teaching-Learning Processes during COVID-19: A bibliometric review
Original languageSpanish
Pages (from-to)345-361
Number of pages17
JournalRevista de Ciencias Sociales
Issue number3
StatePublished - 2022
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  • Covid-19
  • Feedback system.
  • Information and communication technologies
  • Teaching-learning
  • Virtual education


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